Since age seven film as a profession has been a dream to me, something that since 2010 has come to be a dream come true.

Born in 1988 and raised in Oskarshamn, Sweden I decided to move to Los Angeles at age 20 (2008) to pursue my studies in film and media. Well in LA I studied at Santa Monica College and later The Academy of Entertainment Technology where I majored in DIGITAL MEDIA for film and television with a focus on post production and editing.

During my time in Los Angeles I got to experience the production cycle at large studios as I interned at some of the major studios NBC UNIVERSAL at Law and Order and SONY PICTURES TELEVISION promo department.

Returning back to Sweden in 2010 with new experiences I decided to develop my experience in production as I started to freelance as a production assistant and coordinator in film, television and commercials.

In 2012 I started to come to terms with what I wanted to develop and focus on in film as I pursued producing, applying to the swedish film school STOCKHOLM ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS (formerly the Dramatic Institute). I was accepted in the fall of 2012 and started my education while continuing to work as a production manager and coordinator in film and commercials outside of school.

In 2012 I started to produce and line-produce commercials and films, leading up to today  as I am recently graduated from the STOCKHOLM ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS where i have finished my BA-degree in Film Producing, being the first producer to leave the academy with a feature film ROSA MOLN that I produced together with my colleagues and students of our graduating team. The film is expected to reach theaters winter/spring 2016.

As of now I work with development and production of several features, short projects and documentaries such as THE NEW RABBI at CHAMDIN & STÖHR and NEW ENERGY. The last mentioned  is produced at my production company SINGULARITY FILM which I founded together with my friends ERIK LUNDQVIST and LUDWIG BILE in 2013.

I continue to freelance as a LINE PRODUCER, PRODUCTION MANAGER and COORDINATOR in film and commercial projects.  I am driven by the development of great stories with an ever greater purpose.

I look forward to continue my dream and chase my goals to become an established producer in Sweden as well as on a european and international level.



Please download my resume for consideration. There are two versions available, a short more compressed resume focusing on experience in production and one containing a more extended view of my experience in the field of film and media.



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