Since age seven film as a profession has been a dream to me, something that since 2010 has come to be a dream come true.

I was born in 1988 and raised in Oskarshamn, Sweden. I started my amateur film career at age 17 when I directed my first short film and later on I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue studies in Film and Television. I attended Santa Monica College and graduated with an Associate Arts Degree from The Academy of Entertainment Technology. I ended my stay in the US with 2 internships at NBC Universal Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In 2010 I moved back to Sweden and started to work as a freelance editor and as a production assistant and coordinator. After working on my first feature films and commercials between 2010-2012 I was admitted to the Swedish National Film School (STOCKHOLM ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS a.k.a formerly THE DRAMATIC INSTITUTE) as a producing major.

During my film school years I continued to freelance in film and television as a production coordinator, manager and later line producer. I graduated in 2015 and received my BA-degree in Film Production. Later on the same year I was hired as a Junior and Associate Producer at EYEWORKS SCANDI FICTION AB that had just been merged together with WARNER BROS ITVP. During my years at Eyeworks I worked as an associate producer for the Swedish CMORE and TV4 drama series FARANG and as an assistant producer for KRISTALLEN-awarded (SWEDISH EMMY AWARD) series FULL PATTE (BOOBS TO THE WALL) - SEASON 2 and during the development of the 2017 edition of the Swedish Christmas Calendar JAKTEN PÅ TIDSKRISTALLEN. 

In late 2016 I joined my colleagues at EYEWORKS to a new company set-up UNLIMITED STORIES and NEW STORIES where I still work today as a producer and junior producer. My most recent projects at NEW STORIES include MY GAY SISTER (2017) that was awarded the TEDDY AWARD for BEST SHORT FILM  at the 2017:th edition of the FILMFESTSPIELE BERLINALE. In 2118 I worked as associate producer for the Swedish feature film SUNE VS.SUNE.

On March 9 of 2019 I will premiere with the upcoming tv-series EAGLES. My role in the project was as creator and producer.


My resume is in constant change and therefore I recommend that you e-mail me if you want more information on my current projects or previous experience in film and television. If you wish to receive my resume please do not hesitate to e-mail me at info@shfilms.se