Since age seven film as a profession has been a dream to me, something that since 2010 has come to be a dream come true.

I was born in 1988 and raised in Oskarshamn, Sweden. I started my amateur film career at age 17 when I directed my first short film and later on I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue studies in Film and Television. I attended Santa Monica College and graduated with an Associate Arts Degree from The Academy of Entertainment Technology. I ended my stay in the US with 2 internships at NBC Universal Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In 2010 I moved back to Sweden and started to work as a freelance editor and as a production assistant and coordinator. After working on my first feature films and commercials between 2010-2012 I was admitted to the Swedish National Film School (STOCKHOLM ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS a.k.a formerly THE DRAMATIC INSTITUTE) as a producing major.

During my film school years I continued to freelance in film and television as a production coordinator, manager and later line producer. I graduated in 2015 and received my BA-degree in Film Production. Later on the same year I was hired as a Junior and Associate Producer at EYEWORKS SCANDI FICTION AB that had just been merged together with WARNER BROS ITVP. During my years at Eyeworks I worked as an associate producer for the Swedish CMORE and TV4 drama series FARANG and as an assistant producer for KRISTALLEN-awarded (SWEDISH EMMY AWARD) series FULL PATTE (BOOBS TO THE WALL) - SEASON 2 and during the development of the 2017 edition of the Swedish Christmas Calendar JAKTEN PÅ TIDSKRISTALLEN. 

In late 2016 I joined my colleagues at EYEWORKS to a new company set-up UNLIMITED STORIES and NEW STORIES where I still work today as a producer and junior producer. My most recent projects at NEW STORIES include MY GAY SISTER (2017) that was awarded the TEDDY AWARD for BEST SHORT FILM  at the 2017:th edition of the FILMFESTSPIELE BERLINALE. My most recent projects at UNLIMITED STORIES include the role of associate producer for the upcoming feature film SUNE VS. SUNE that premieres in late 2018.

As of now I am currently in pre-production for an upcoming teen-drama series and in commissioned development for two feature films at NEW STORIES. In 2017 I got married and changed my last name from Henriksson to Lindén.

Aside from my work at NEW STORIES and UNLIMITED STORIES I am also co-owner of the independent film production company SINGULARITY FILM.  

I am always in search to exceed myself and chase new goals to produce great films and television series in both and Sweden as well as on a european and international level.


My resume is in constant change and therefore I recommend that you e-mail me if you want more information on my current projects or previous experience in film and television. If you wish to receive my resume please do not hesitate to e-mail me at info@shfilms.se